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Minneapolis Christian Enneagram Coaching

What is Enneagram Coaching? 

The Enneagram, (based on the words Ennea which means 9 and gram which mean diagram), is a personality typing system with 9 distinct types.  Based on each types' core fears and desires (what's going on inside), it clearly describes why you think, feel and behave in particular ways.  The Enneagram is a helpful tool to build self-awareness about why you do the things you do and transform your limiting beliefs and behaviors into life changing personal growth and empowerment. As you understand your type through self-discovery and receive coaching for personal growth, discovering the Enneagram will help you create a pathway for growth and healthy relationships with those you live and work with. 


How It Works

If you're interested in understanding why you do what you do and want to build self-awareness for personal growth, then Enneagram Coaching is a great place to start. At first glance, the Enneagram can be challenging to grasp. Together, we'll walk through the Enneagram together with multiple options for you to choose from.  My typical Enneagram Coaching process includes: 


Enneagram Typing

This single session option includes a RHETI Assessment and 2 hour typing session where you'll learn more about the Ennegram, clarify your type, and create an action plan for personal growth based on your type. 


Enneagram Deep Dive

An additional 5 coaching sessions on understanding your particular type and how you can use your understanding to continue your journey of personal growth. 

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Personal Coaching

After you complete your deep dive, consider personal coaching sessions with the Enneagram. We'll apply Enneagram coaching with your type to the goals and challenges you wish to work on. 


Enneagram Coaching for You

Who does this work for?  I work with individuals and couples who wish to learn more about themselves, and for couples each other.  Each session is custom designed for your particular type. Together, we'll explore your core desires, emotions, and pathway to living your best life. 



  • Sign up for your typing session
  • You'll receive a link for your RHETI assessment
  • Once I receive your results, we'll schedule your typing session
  • During your typing session, we'll determine your type through coaching questions and develop a personal growth action plan
  • You'll be given the option to choose an Enneagram deep dive package or end your Enneagram coaching after this session


  • Sign up for your typing session
  • You and your partner will receive links to your own RHETI assessments
  • Once I receive your results, we'll schedule a typing session for both of you at the same time
  • During your typing session, we'll determine your type through coaching questions and develop a unique action plan for you as a couple. 
  • You'll be given an option to choose an Enneagram Deep Dive as a couple or end your Enneagram coaching with typing. 

Work better together with an Enneagram Workshop

The Enneagram can help your group or team build unity, understanding, and work better together. In my Enneagram team workshops, we explore the Enneagram, individual typing, and how a deeper understanding of the people on your team can help you create a more effective and cohesive future. Enneagram workshops include a RHETI assessment link for each participant.  


Enneagram Coaching Pricing

Enneagram Typing


Includes RHETI Assessment Link

1.5 hour coaching session

Type Suggestions

Personal Growth Action Plan


Enneagram Deep Dive

$600 for 5 sessions

Deep dive on your Enneagram type

Focus on your core desires and fears

Enneagram Wings

Arrows for stress and growth

Your subtype


Life Coaching with the Enneagram

$700 for 6 Sessions

Custom designed coaching package

Integrated Enneagram Coaching

Goal oriented personal growth

Each session includes unique coaching assignments based on your type


Ready to get started with Enneagram Coaching? 

I offer a free initial consultation to answer any questions and to see if we are a good fit for coaching.