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Coaching Options for Designing a Life You Love


Hey friend!  I know the life you're living today may not be the life you expected.  Maybe you're wondering if the dreams you had yesterday still fit into the life you have today?  Or perhaps you're ready for a change and don't know where to start.  I've been there. And because I've been there I'm passionate about helping you create a life you love. My personal coaching options can help you identify where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. If you're ready to live with purpose today, then I'm ready to help!. 

The Coaching Process

I know that your journey is unique. What will work for one person, may not work for you. I offer a free initial coaching session and consultation so that together we can determine your best next step in coaching. I provide individual coaching packages, group coaching workshops and weekly faith coaching Bible studies to help you apply your faith and live with purpose in the everyday rhythms of your life.  Together, we can build a plan to help you flourish no matter what your next step is. 


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1:1 Coaching

I believe your pathway to finding your purpose lies in finding purpose in your life today. In my 1:1 coaching, I work with you to design a coaching experience that fits you. Your life. Your challenges. Your dreams. We work together on your individual goals to help you embrace your story, focus on the things that matter to you (your values), identify how you can use your gifts to make an impact, and lead you to live with purpose not just in the future, but starting today.  I offer the following 1:1 packages. 


Purposeful Steps Life Planning Program

Based on my workbook, Purposeful Steps, we'll coach through 8 sessions on creating and sustaining a life you love through life planning. Sessions topics include life mapping, values, creating a vision board, and legacy building. Program participants have discovered who God created them to be, how to re-orient their lives around what matters most, and a defined set of goals to help them love the life their living while leaving a legacy for the future. 


Custom-Designed 1:1 Package

Are you ready to tackle specific challenges or accomplish specific goals? This coaching package puts you in the driver's seat. You set your coaching intention. You set the agenda for coaching sessions while I navigate the coaching tools that will get us there. We work on where you are today, where you want to be and the steps it'll take to get you there. Our initial session will start with your goals and lead toward your own unique pathway to changing your life and living with purpose. 


Group Coaching

Coaching with friends. That's what I like to call my group coaching workshops. We gather around a table or a few tables depending on the numbers, we focus on a topic, and work through a few fun and interactive coaching tools to help you identify and implement the changes you want to make to create a life you love. You can attend my monthly group coaching workshop or hire me to bring a custom designed workshop to your group or church. 


Faith Coaching Bible Studies

You know you're ready for coaching, but don't know where to start?  If you call Minneapolis home, then my faith coaching Bible studies are a great place to start! Each Bible study features a book of the Bible or topic related to your faith and includes a weekly group coaching tool to help you apply what you're learning to your everyday life. 


Personal Coaching works...

Coming to your Dip Your Toe In Saturday session is like coming to my own birthday party every month. We celebrate ourselves in such a unique and powerful way!
— Mary | Group Coaching Client