What is life coaching? 

It only takes a baby step...

What is life coaching?  Many of my new clients ask me this very question. In reality, life coaching is about courage. The courage to get real about where you are and where you want to be - better yet, where God wants you to be.  It's about finding possibilities on the road ahead.  Life coaching is discovering and taking the next step toward finding and living in your God-given passion.  Life coaching is a partnership where you trust me, as your coach,  to partner with you to help you get strategic when it comes to accomplishing your goals, walk with you as you discover and make the changes you need to live out your passion, and step into the purpose God designed you for.  I'm not an expert on your life, but I'm an expert on how people change and can help you change your life one step at a time.  When you work with me, we'll develop a partnership where we walk together to clarify your calling, set goals, and accomplish the next step in your life journey.  

My Typical Clients: 

  • Have a faith foundation
  • Believe that they have a calling and purpose from God to fulfill
  • Are open to the coaching process
  • Are seeking clarity on their life direction
  • Are willing to explore what it means to walk in courageous faith