What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?

Fighting that feeling of being overwhelmed can be an uphill battle. From having too much on your to-do list to not wanting to disappoint those we love, we can paint ourselves into a corner. The antidote to overwhelm can be different for each of us. But for me, it starts with identifying a little self care and a willingness to say no when i need to.

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For When You Feel Lost

When was the last time your felt lost?  Not like on a road trip and looking at the map lost.  More like how did I get here lost.  More like I thought I knew who I was but somehow my circumstances or my career path or my relationships feel off and I'm wondering who I am anymore lost.  Admitting where we are and leaning into our story can help us find our way even in those lost moments of life.

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Life Coaching For The Win!

Happy International Coaching Week! Yes it’s a thing. And if you’ve been thinking about coaching or are wanting to know what it’s all about, then take some time to read. I highlight what coaching is, reflect on my own coaching journey and highlight what the benefits of coaching.

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